Yueran Textile are an silk fabrics and custom printed silk scarves manufacturer based in the China. We provide high quality custom produced silk fabrics and custom printed scarves products. Based in the China in our own customized factory our specialist team silk fabrics production utilizing the world’s most innovative technology. Our company is built upon a vast knowledge of manufacturing, in fact we have been doing silk fabrics and custom silk scarves business since 2004.

Dyeing Manufacture – High quality plain colors silk fabrics are supplied by us, custom dyeing silk fabrics for global clients, MOQ 200 meters per color.

Digital Printing &Screen printed Manufacture – High quality printed silk fabrics are custom printed for global clients. Digital printing MOQ 50 meter per design, and Screen printing MOQ 300 meters per design

Hand Printing Manufacture- The Hand printing is used on the high quality custom printed silk scarves, We use silkscreens to print on our 50 yard long tables, and can print up to 30 or more screens in a design custom silk scarves project. MOQ 200 meters per design custom silk scarf.

Sewn Manufacture - With an in-house hemming factory our team can transform any silk fabrics into sewn silk accessories product. Homeware, Custom printed fashion scarves, Made to Measure Curtains, Promotional custom silk scarves, Silk pillowcase, Silk bedding, and Event Furnishings.

Trade discounts are available across all our products. Speedy Delivery - Low minimum order – Free basic silk fabric samples are supplied by us.

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Custom Silk Scarves Manufacturer in China Serving over 20 years.

We are your custom printed silk scarves specialists, excelling in production of quality and affordable CUSTOM PRINTED SCARVES, WHOLESALE SCARVES.

Yueran Textile produce custom silk scarves from scratch to end: printing, cutting, hemming, labeling and wrapping. Our custom silk scarf products included silk scarves, wool scarves, polyester scarves, cotton scarves. We pride of our 100% silk scarves' quality. Custom silk scarves' crafts included digital printing, screen hand printing, plain color dyeing, double sided digital printing, tie dyeing. 

Over in the past over 20 year production, we developed lots of styles and different silk material for custom silk scarves production. Such as oblong custom silk scarf, square silk scarf, Silk pocket square, silk pareo, silk hijab, skinny silk scarf, custom hand printed silk scarf, hand painted silk scarf, plain color custom silk scarves and magic silk scarves.

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All silk fabrics are available in stock, we only produce high end grade A silk fabrics in our factory, trusted by top brands more than 20 years, narue white silk fabrics ready to ship in 1 ~ 3 days, custom dyed silk fabrics ready to ship in 5-10 days, custom printed Our silk fabric ready to ship in 7-10 days. Our silk fabrics has been puchased more than two decades by the World renowned top designers.
Silk satin fabric, also known as silk charmeuse fabric. It is intended for those delicate and dignified tailoring projects such as those worked on by professional designers.  This will work well as blouses, lingerie and even the lining inside of a bridal gown.  With a gentle satin finish, this is silky smooth to the touch and perfect for both fluidity and a lightweight, elegant look at first glance.On one side, you‘ll get a muted crepe, and the other will offer a full shine and satin silky finish that is a sight to see.  Satin silk fabric is one of a kind and is considered one of the best for high end designers to work with.
Silk twill fabric create practical and reliable designs from silk twill fabric and watch them last.  Twill silk fabric is going to offer a combined strength of a twill weave and the natural strength that silk has for great results.  Easy to dye as well as to print, this will offer a medium weight that also promises easy draping and a luster that will dress up anything that you use it with.  Additionally, the durability will make this perfect for blouses, pants and even a liner for a jacket, especially those that need to be tailored and refined to the last detail.
The heavy silk fabrics' momme weight from 22mm to 40mm, such as 22mm silk satin, 23mm silk CDC, 25mm silk heavy satin fabric, 40mm silk Charmeuse, 30mm silk heavy crepe and 40mm heavy crepe fabric. Usually it is faced to top high-end fashion market, and used for dresses, blouses, wedding dresses. The heavy silk fabric is one of a kind and is considered one of the best for high end designers to work with for all that it does to dress up anything where it can shine
The stretch Silk fabric is also called silk lycra fabric. Silk stretch fabrics are very welcome by designers, such as silk stretch chiffon fabric,silk stretch cdc fabric, silk stretch charmeuse fabric, silk stretch GGT fabric, silk stretch twill fabraic.  Stretch Silk fabric has all the elegant and soft of silk fabric, but with spandex added for superior stretch and comfortable movement. Usually it is 5% ~ 8% spandex and 92% ~ 95% silk. 
Georgette silk fabrics is a good option for dyeing, printing, digital printing and embroidering. The shrinkage rate of silk georgette fabric is higher than other plain weaved silk fabrics, it is best to have a pre-shrunk process in the finishing.  Digital printed Silk georgette fabric is much flat, and a washing finishing is a good choice that make it to good effect on its grainy surface style.Weight : 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm. 
Silk and other material can be weaved to make hybrid fabric like silk cotton blend, silk wool blend, silk viscose blend, silk linen blend. Which is low cost, absorbent and soft. The silk cotton blend fabric is the most popular in the market, the touch feeling is very smooth like the silk. The silk blend fabrics can be used to make all types of clothing like furniture coverings and linens.
Silk habotai fabric is a plain weaves silk fabrics, and it have soft and delicate hand felling. Great for silk scarves, linings, flags, bridal dress and garment. Habotai silk fabrics also called china silk fabric. 100% Mulberry Natural White Silk Habotai Fabric is great for hand painting and dyeing. weights: 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm and 15mm,18mm.  The thin 5mm silk habotai is also called silk paj fabric ,  silk Pongee faric. 

A light and refined Crepe de Chine Silk Fabric, this is also called silk crepe de Chine fabric.  Dainty but sure to get the job done for you, this is perfect for blouses, dresses and linings amongst other refined creations due to its light weight and simple elegance that it will promote from all angles.

This can be used with either an all-silk warp and similar weft, or a silk warp and a hard-spun worsted weft, allowing you to get the right details that are going to make this a realistic option for your business.

Silk Chiffon fabric is a lightweight and sheer silk fabric, a very nice see though effect for the garments. Chiffon silk fabrics is known as a replacement for silk georgette fabric, but the surface is flat and a elegance feeling, it is great for bridal dress, custom silk scarves and other spring/summer clothing.Silk chiffon fabrics are good to processed by solid colors dyeing and in printing. The digital printed silk chiffon fabrics is very popular in the high fashion market.
100% silk Jacquard fabrics need to custom weaved according to clients'own designs, normally about 30 days weaving production time and MOQ 500 meters per design for custom weaving.Jacquard silk fabrics could be weaved by pure silk, it also could be weaved by silk and cotton material.
Weights: 12mm 14mm 16mm and 19mm
Silk organza fabric is weaved by 100% mulberry raw silk, it is a very sheer and crisp silk fabric. The texture is flat and smooth, a stiff touch feeling. White organza silk fabric is great for bridal dress, eveningwear, bridal veil making.Weights: 5.5mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. The silk organza satin fabric is also made by raw silk like silk organza, but is one satin faced fabric and weight 12mm and 14mm. 
Silk Double Georgette Fabric is similar to the silk georgette fabric, but is much heavy silk GGT fabric. Usually its momone weight 16mm,19mm and 22mm. They are also can be with about 8% spandex added to be silk stretch double georgette fabrics. The Double Georgette Silk Fabric a hand washable silk fabric and midweight high-end silk fabric. 

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Whether you are a small business owner, fashion designer, fabric wholesaler, or a creative ‘maker’ in need of superior textile prints, Yueran Textile has got you covered.

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