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Guangdong Province, the largest environmental protection supervision started well

  Guangdong Province, the atmosphere and water pollution prevention and control since the start of the special inspection, the Guangdong provincial level organization of the largest scale of environmental protection by the attention of all around, start well.
  I learned from the Provincial Environmental Protection Department, since the day of the inspection team settled in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Zhaoqing, Qingyuan, Yunfu 9 to carry out on-site inspection since the inspection work to achieve initial results. As of the evening of 7, the inspection team to check a total of 288 enterprises, found that there are 207 environmental problems, of which 33 typical cases, including Guangzhou, 3 cases of discharge control, seized 1 case; Shenzhen shutdown 4 cases; Case; Dongguan seizure seizure in 4 cases; Zhaoqing seizure seizure in 6 cases, 5 cases of discharge regulation, banned 3 cases; Zhongshan seized seizure in 1 case; Qingyuan discharge regulation in 1 case.
  8 morning, the provincial Environmental Protection Department Director Lu Xiulu presided over the convening of the director of the special meeting, to further effectively promote the work of special inspection requirements. To focus on environmental quality improvement, especially to complete the annual goal, and strive to build a "joint action, cross-check, high to promote the formation of normal" environmental law enforcement new pattern. Rely on the local party committee and government, focusing on the impact of environmental factors affecting the environmental or regional environmental problems, the masses concerned about the high environmental problems and long-term unresolved environmental problems. In addition, to further improve the service work, through strict control and norms, to promote green development.
  Provincial Environmental Protection Office will organize a number of advisory expert service group, environmental protection for the enterprise transformation and pollution control to provide guidance services to promote the transformation of green enterprises.
  Local action
  Guangzhou Group:
  Zengcheng a paper company data related to fraud
  Supervision of Guangzhou by the Shenzhen environmental law enforcement officers responsible. As of 4, law enforcement officers in Guangzhou only found an environmental law. "Before we mainly and the city, the District Environmental Protection Bureau exchanges, find out the situation, in order to better law enforcement." Guangzhou inspection team leader, Shenzhen Environmental Monitoring detachment chief Xie Hongwei said.
  The inspection team on the 5th morning in Zengcheng Xintang District caught a "big fish" - Zengcheng Yongyao Paper Co., Ltd. The company waste plastic sorting production area is not approved by the first construction of the illegal situation, and waste water straight row Baijiang Chung; In addition, pollution control facilities online monitoring equipment data is clearly inconsistent, suspected data fraud. Subsequently, the inspection team in the area and seized an electroplating factory suspected illegal sewage. 6 evening, but also found a company suspected of stealing underground tube, illegal straight line problem.
  Shenzhen Group:
  The relevant responsible person to be administrative detention
  "5 morning, the inspection team in Shenzhen Longhua New Area big wave community also implemented the first administrative detention case, which is the first administrative detention since the investigation." According to the Shenzhen inspection team leader, Guangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau law enforcement supervision According to the report, at 10 o‘clock on the same day, the inspection team went straight to Xisheng Electric (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., law enforcement officers divided into two ways, all the way to see the paint shop, all the way to see the sewage treatment plant. The results showed that the two floor of the two plasma waste treatment facilities are not running, the first floor of the wastewater treatment facilities are not put into operation. Site sampling and investigation of evidence, the local ordered the enterprise to stop production remediation, and the relevant responsible persons to be administrative detention. At the same time ordered the enterprise in the afternoon community-wide gas pollution remediation conference to do a public review.
  Foshan Group:
  The inspection process is also a learning process
  Foshan inspection team leader, Dongguan City, the three brigade captain Chen Yaozhong frankly, we usually at the grassroots level in line with the law enforcement, the face of the current "sauna" weather, can be used to overcome. However, compared with other groups of heat, Foshan inspection of the heat encountered to "better". Because in such a hot day, the inspection team to the ceramic factory often, aluminum factory inspection, the production workshop temperature even as high as 40-50 ℃.
  "Through this cross-law enforcement, not only learn from the experience of law enforcement, but also learn from different industries governance, industry management experience." Chen Yaozhong that Foshan ceramics, aluminum industry more, Dongguan paper, the electronics industry more developed, we can each other Learning, mutual improvement.