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Cotton target price reform implementation of three years at home and abroad spreads narrowed significantly

  Jiangxi Shangrao City Shaxin District Shaxi Town Shaxi Village, the local private enterprises women workers use modern equipment textile summer cloth. In recent years, with the support of the local government departments, take the "company + farmers" business model to promote the development of Xiabu industry, the products are exported to South Korea and Japan and other Southeast Asian countries and Europe and the United States, Shibu exports accounted for 1 /
  Now cotton life has become the trend of consumption, cotton production and quality of how to directly affect the development of cotton enterprises and consumer experience. Since the implementation of the pilot policy of cotton price reform since the implementation of China‘s cotton prices return to the market, cotton farmers income is guaranteed, the market demand tends to improve the international competitiveness of cotton enterprises significantly enhanced. But at the same time, the lack of high-quality cotton supply, high cost of cotton and cotton processing enterprises lack of kinetic problems and other issues still need to be resolved
  Recently held by the China Cotton Association and the national cotton market 2017 China International Cotton Conference held in Chongqing, cotton textile industry representatives on behalf of many participants. Domestic cotton industry after several fluctuations in the market, is looking for a new way to reshape the future of cotton industry.
  Target price reform effect
  At the beginning of this year, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance issued the Notice on Deepening the Reform of Cotton Target Price, and continued to implement the three-year pilot policy on cotton target price reform. From 2014 to 2017, the target price of cotton was 19,800 yuan per ton, 19200 yuan, 18,600 yuan, 18,600 yuan, the overall trend was declining, cotton prices narrowed at home and abroad. "With the international cotton market linkage enhancement, 2016 spreads narrowed to 1260 yuan / ton, this year will be smaller." China Agricultural University President Ke Bingsheng said that the price separation mechanism gradually formed for the downstream textile enterprises to reduce the cost of a lot of burden.