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Buy children with textile products to check the appearance, see work, smell the smell

  In order to continuously improve the quality of children‘s products in the area of ​​circulation, Haidian Trade and Industry Branch recently carried out special sampling of children‘s products.
  In accordance with the special sampling plan, May 24 to May 26, Haidian Industrial and Commercial Bureau of the organization of inspection agencies Haidian District, children‘s products concentrated consumer business, the region to carry out special sampling, the products are mainly reflected in the concentration of people, Found that there are quality problems, the media attention of children‘s clothing, children‘s shoes, children‘s bed products, children‘s toothbrush, a total of 60 groups of samples.
  Special inspection at the same time, the branch to increase the circulation of children‘s products packaging, labeling and purchase acceptance system supervision and inspection efforts, and found and investigated and dealt with according to the law marked as illegal and shoddy, false to true, to substandard products posing as qualified products And other illegal activities, the maximum extent to protect the quality of children‘s products in the area to meet the increasing demand for children‘s children‘s quality.
  Sampling samples by the relevant inspection agency inspection, the first time to test the results to the public publicity, for the inspection does not meet the protection of human health and personal and property safety of national standards, industry-standard products, Haidian Industrial and Commercial Bureau will be based on "People‘s Republic of China Product Quality Law" relevant provisions severely punished.
  The next step, Haidian Industrial and Commercial Bureau will continue to children‘s products and other people‘s lives are closely related to the product as the focus of the circulation of commodity quality supervision, increase the circulation of related product quality law enforcement inspection work, timely acceptance and according to the relevant product complaints, Report, earnestly carry out consumer education and guidance, according to the law severely punished sales of fake and shoddy and other nonconforming products and false propaganda and other illegal acts, and strengthen the public security, quality inspection, education, health and other departments with the coordination, the formation of regulatory cooperation, Related product market order.
  In this, Haidian business to remind consumers:
  1. Look at the logo, on-demand selection
  Consumers in the purchase of infants and children with children‘s textile products should first check whether the product is complete, and then combined with their actual needs to buy. General recommendations to choose cotton, silk and other soft, breathable and other characteristics of natural fiber products.
  2. Look at the appearance, see work, smell the smell
  On the selected infants and children and children‘s textile products should be carefully checked: whether the surface of the stains, roving and other obvious defects; sewing lines are straight, whether the joints are flat clothing; all kinds of accessories, ingredients texture, such as whether the slide Cool, buttons are solid and so on.
  Baby and children with textile products recommended the choice of light colors, the purchase of darker textile products, you can use napkins in the printing or dyeing cloth friction several times, if stained with a clear color, then the product color fastness not good. Textiles in the printing and finishing and finishing may be the use of a variety of finishing agents and additives, such as improper processing, resulting in residual excess chemical composition, the human body will cause harm. Therefore, consumers in the purchase, you can smell the smell, if the product exudes a stimulating smell, it is best not to buy. In addition, in the purchase by the anti-shrink, anti-wrinkle, soft, flat Ting and other finishing textile products should be careful, there is no taste to buy.
  3. Check the mark, carefully maintained
  In accordance with the product of the maintenance requirements of the washing, maintenance, storage, washing should pay attention to different materials have different washing methods, especially silk fabrics textile products should be neutral detergent warm water washing, soaking time should not be too long. Different color products, especially the depth of the difference between the products do not put together to wash, so as not to light color products on the impact of beauty. Direct contact with the human body of textile products, consumers should be used before the first washing, so that the fabric of the residual material can be fully released, safe and health.