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2017 Zhejiang National 500 rush Rongsheng Group among the top ten

  June 8, the 14th Zhejiang Business (Investment and Financing) Conference and 2017 Zhejiang Artificial Intelligence Summit held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Bank by the title of "2017 Zhejiang National 500" list also announced.
  Rongsheng Group to 2016 annual revenue of 86.88 billion yuan ranked tenth
  It is understood that the list of 500 companies total revenue reached 5.43 trillion yuan, higher than Zhejiang GDP8000 billion; total revenue growth rate of 8.4%, higher than the GDP growth rate of 0.9% in Zhejiang.
  Since 2009, the first "Zhejiang National 500" released so far, 500 companies total revenue from 1.95 trillion to 5.43 trillion, now the top 20 revenue more than 500 years of total revenue.
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